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Maintenance and User Guide

Maintenance Guide


Cork mask maintenance

Our cork is an eco-responsible material that comes from recycled corks and requires very little maintenance.

  • Remove the fabric from the mask and wash it in the machine at 60°C.
  • Put the mask to be washed in the machine at 60°C - 30min max - or disinfect it with a hydro-alcoholic solution.

Leather mask care

Leather is a living material that will evolve over time, so it requires a minimum of maintenance.
All our leather masks come from upcycling.

  • Remove the fabric from the mask and machine wash at 60°C.
  • Put a few drops -or pshits- of hydroalcoholic solution on a soft and clean cloth, disinfect the outside of the mask and the elastics.
  • If you feel your mask becomes too stiff or too dry, apply a moisturizing cream to the leather parts.

Fabric Care

Go to this page.

User's Guide

Protecting yourself from environmental viruses also involves the proper use of your Exploruns mask and following some basic rules.

  • Wash your hands with an alcohol solution or soap and water before handling your mask.
  • Adjust your mask on your face so that it covers your mouth and nose.
  • Once your mask has been fitted, do not touch it again or wash your hands before AND after.
  • Remove your mask by the elastics and not from the front.
  • Wash it in the machine (cork mask) or with a hydro-alcoholic solution (leather and cork mask). Wash your hands immediately afterwards with a hydro-alcoholic solution or with soap and water.

Fabric mask approved by the DGA (RP1981) category "UNS1".


The nature of upcycling is to recover materials that are no longer used in order to recycle them into a new object. The aim of Exploruns is to give a second life to a product.

Exploruns takes part in the ecology by offering you only leather from Upcycling.

Why put them aside when you can make them into singular objects!