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April 17, 2020

Why opt for a stylish mask?

As we explained in our article "How to protect yourself from Coronavirus with a respirator mask? "the wearing of a mask may well become mandatory in the near future. It could then become part of our daily life and become an essential item in our wardrobe. But for you, mask rhymes with sadness or ugly? Don't panic, the stylish mask is making its appearance! Let us plunge you into this new universe through this article.

Why be interested in masks?

It seems unavoidable, each person living in France will be condemned to wear his or her mask to face the Coronavirus epidemic.

But how long will it last? That is the question...
In its communiqué of April 2, 2020, the Academy of Medicine advises..:

"The barrier measures currently recommended should be maintained until the circulation of the virus has been controlled, as evidenced by the absence of any new reported cases for a period of 14 days.

This maintenance of barrier measures includes the wearing of masks for the general public by all French men and women.
If these recommendations are implemented by the government, we can see that we are predestined to have a mask on our nose for quite a while... So why not make this future everyday accessory a real fashion accessory? Why not be tempted by a stylish mask?

Protective mask and fashion: can these two concepts coexist?

When we talk about masks, we all have in mind the images of people we see on TV or in the street with their green, white, or dull cloth disposable masks with no style, or with dubious patterns. Am I therefore condemned to wear an accessory that I don't like... to protect me ? Fortunately not! Yes, it is possible to combine the useful with the pleasant: say hello to the concept of the stylish mask! In fact, it didn't take long for several designers around the world to develop this concept to add a fashionable touch to masks for the general public. This is the case, for example, at Hanoi in Vietnam, where masks made of embroidered fabrics are now manufactured to give them a little touch of design. I see you coming, you think the cloth mask is too commonplace ? We're in agreement!
So why not go one step further and get a leather mask? No no, you're not dreaming, leather, an omnipresent fashion accessory, can be transformed into a handbag, a wallet... but also a protective mask!
What if we went even further and told you that it was also possible to have his cork mask? No, no, you're still not dreaming! This 100% vegan material is more and more used in the fashion world today. Moreover many brands do not hesitate to use it, such as Captain Cork which produces many cork accessories or Esprit which proposes t-shirts decorated with cork pockets. So why not be tempted by a stylish cork mask? Our goal is to turn the chore of wearing a mask into a real pleasure. Of course, we are not losing the primary purpose of the mask here, which is protection against the Coronavirus. But don't worry, we are committed to providing you with a stylish mask that will be as effective in terms of protection as it is trendy!

A stylish and eco-responsible mask, a possibility?

Having a face mask is good, but isn't it harmful to the environment?
Indeed, in China, the increase in the use of masks since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic has led to a new wave of pollution in recent weeks.
The OceanAsian NGO, in a press release published on 28 February 2020, alerted the authorities to the increase in waste such as disposable masks found on the beaches of Hong Kong.


An exploruns styled mask is a reusable mask

But rest assured, we've thought of everything!
And yes, because in addition to having a design touch, your Exploruns stylish mask is reusable!
In fact, you don't throw it away, you clean it (see our care and use guide)! So we can say goodbye to waste and hello to sustainable development!


French production to limit our ecological impact

In addition, all our protective masks are produced on French territory by craftsmen with traditional know-how that lasts from generation to generation, more information. We were keen to have a real proximity with our Workshop in order to limit our ecological impact!
So, no need to take a plane, travel thousands of kilometers and spend hundreds of liters of kerosene to have one!
Another good point for our stylish masks!

Will I still be able to use my stylish mask at the end of the pandemic?

"All right, fine, go for the fancy mask, but when the pandemic's over, I'm gonna leave it in the back of my closet."

You have no idea how much you can use your safety mask! We will surprise you and you will then realize that the use of a face mask is not limited to medical protection.

Indeed, they have always been widely used in the biker community (see) to protect themselves from wind, dust, gnats...

The same applies to cyclists and skiers.

But this mask can also be used if you want to protect yourself in case of pollution peaks or in case of flu to protect others!

And why not also use it during the winter to protect yourself from the cold? In short, as you will have understood, there is more than one use for a stylish leather or cork mask!

We can see here that there is more than one reason to acquire his stylish mask.

Did we convince you? Then don't wait any longer and take the plunge, you won't be disappointed!