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Set of 6

Tissue mask


Fabric approved by the DGA (Report RP/20-2742) who categorized it as UNS 2: "For use by businesses and people in contact with the public."

This set, combined with your Charles or Leon mask, allows you to last 3 days without washing the fabrics.

Wearing time
The mask can be worn for a maximum of 4 hours. (Wearing test during 4 hours carried out by our care).

Remove the fabric from your mask, and wash it in the machine at 60°C with a conventional detergent.

See handling recommendations.

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3 Approved fabrics

Our masks are supplied with 3 DGA-approved fabrics.
fabric uns1 exploruns

Handling recommendations for your UNS1-approved fabric mask

  • Before inserting your fabric into your leather or cork mask, make sure you have disinfected it;
  • Before handling, wash your hands with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic solution;
  • Insert your fabric mask into your Exploruns mask and adjust it to cover your face;
  • When wearing your mask, avoid touching it - if you do, wash your hands immediately.
  • If you need to eat or drink, change the cloth mask and disinfect the leather mask.
  • Change the cloth if it gets wet and disinfect the Exploruns mask.
  • To remove the mask: take it off by the elastic bands and put it immediately in a bag provided for washing and then wash your hands.

Mask Care

After use, the mask must be isolated for washing. It is recommended that the mask be isolated in a plastic bag to be disposed of after use or in a reusable bag to be washed. In the case of the reusable bag, the mask and bag can be washed together, in which case the mask should be removed from the bag.

Explanation of the washing method

Machine wash at 60°C with your usual detergent.
This mask is guaranteed 10 washes and passes to category 2 after 10 washes.

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